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The Smattering

It was probably a good idea. No, scratch that. It was definitely a good idea; get as many people, from as many different places as possible, to come to Ireland in 2013. Launch a huge initiative and get everyone in Ireland – and the Irish overseas – on board. Showcase our lovely country, make it attractive to people who wouldn’t normally think of visiting Ireland and make it even more attractive to people who have visited before, or who have been thinking about it for a while.


The Gathering could have been a rip-roaring success, and something we’d all remember with pride for years to come. That won’t happen, though. No one – and by that, I mean no one in Bord Failte or in the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport – put any thought or effort into the initiative. If The Gathering doesn’t exactly fall flat on its face it will definitely not be as successful as it could have been if anyone in Officialdom had taken it seriously.


It would have been so easy to make a huge success of The Gathering, but it seems like it was an idea dreamt up in the bar by a PR person in Leo Varadkar’s department who then did nothing more with it.


Had it been organised properly, The Gathering could have been a fantastic event. Specifically, every month could have been given a theme with one big event centred on that theme in one of Ireland’s larger towns and people nationwide invited to devise their own events to tie in with the theme.


For example, January could have been devoted to new beginnings and starting new things – lots of world record attempts organised (as serious or as silly as you like). Instead, there was an event in the capital city to which one had to buy a ticket, and at which children were not welcome. Well, at least there was an element of honesty there – an expression of how little children are liked in this country.


February could – predictably – have been devoted to love. Given that we have St. Valentine’s relic in repose in Dublin, that wouldn’t have been too hard. A few match-making festivals and a bit of a campaign abroad inviting people to come to Ireland to fall in love…….either with the country or with a person.


March, with St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of it, kind of takes care of itself. April is the month of April showers, so make something of the rain in Ireland – have a ‘design your own umbrella’ competition. May sees us celebrate the festival of Bealtaine, so invite people home for that.


June is the start of the holidays – so pack June and July with family-friendly events and days out. August is Lunasa – a chance to have ‘Dancing with Lunasa’ put on by nearly every AmDram Society in Ireland. Punters could be invited to watch one a week (or one a day!) and vote on their favourite.


September – lovely, Autumnal September – when the kids go back to school. Make it the month to learn new and unusual facts about Ireland. October, like March, pretty much does itself. The whole Samhain thing offers itself up for fun and games galore.


November is a bit trickier….what on earth happens in November, in Ireland, that is worth celebrating? Hmmmm, might be time for another match-making festival so people have someone to cuddle up to during the cold winter nights. December is the month that I’d like most to avoid, but plenty of other people like it – so there’s plenty of scope for Xmas markets. But also plenty of scope for peeling back the layers of this Hallmark holiday and uncovering its Pagan roots.


Apart from events that could take place on the ground here in Ireland, how about involving people who can’t actually get here this year, but who might in years to come? Have interactive quizzes online for school children around the globe and find out who knows most about Ireland on the various continents. Have the Dept of Transport etc. give two free tickets to Ireland to each St. Patrick’s Society around the globe. These tickets could form the main prize in the annual St. Patrick’s Ball each of the societies holds and be a wonderful way to promote tourism.


And what about – what about a Gathering Passport? A bit like the passport one gets when one undertakes the Camino de Compostela. Wouldn’t that provide an added element of fun?


These are just ideas thrown off the top of my head in the half hour it’s taken me to make coffee and write this post. I am sure that a half-decent professional in either Bord Failte or in the Dept of Transport etc. could come up with a  much more interesting and inspired set of ideas.


So why didn’t they?



3 thoughts on “The Smattering

  1. Hazel – great provocative post but definitely a bit unfair to the many individuals in both the public and private sector who have put a huge amount of creativity, time, effort and funding into The Gathering. Most of us secretly agree now that the potential of the overall concept cannot be delivered with the 12 months of 2013. Much more lead in time would have been required. However, there’s a good chance that the seeds sown for 2013 will continue to flourish and flower into 2014 and 2015.

    The Gathering was intended to pivot around local communities, affinity groups, creative individuals with ideas so the real pity is that the great ideas articulated here weren’t developed and presented as Gathering initiatives during the planning phases in 2011 and 2012. As someone who recently completed part of the Camino I love your Passport idea – it could so easily have been implemented.

    One big elephant in the room that needs to be outed is the issue of funding. I believe Failte Ireland has done an excellent job at creating awareness of the Gathering with the little funding they have. I travel extensively for work and across the US, Canada, Europe I’m finding stuff about the Gathering – both print and broadcast advertising. They don’t have additional funding to support great ideas like yours so any such creativity needs to find a sponsor or a champion elsewhere.

    Anyway, that’s my tuppence worth. In case you’re interested I keep a blog at

    • Hazel Katherine Larkin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post – and to leave such a thoughtful and considered response, Padraic.

      You are right, funding is an issue, but I do think that the money could be found. It is possible to find money for all sorts of things, if you look for it.

      I’m glad you liked some of my ideas – maybe one or two of them can be implemented in coming years if, as you suggest, the momentum keeps growing. I do remember writing to the planners when there was a call for ideas, but they don’t seem to have been impressed by whatever I said.

      Finally, I do take your point that many people have worked hard on The Gathering and it’s not fair to slate their efforts. I really don’t mean to do that, but I feel that a little more effort could have ensured better results.

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